2020 IT Client Satisfaction Survey

In February 2020, the CIO Council set out to measure current client satisfaction with Stanford IT among both undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff. Throughout the 2020 IT Client Satisfaction Survey, our goal was to gain feedback from as much of the Stanford community as possible in order to set a benchmark for future research.

In the spirit of transparency and continuous improvement, the CIO Council is pleased to provide the aggregated and anonymized survey results from 8,500 respondents with our Stanford community, and particularly our distributed IT community. Browse the executive summary or full report below.

Survey Results

Executive Summary

View insights and survey findings presented in graphs and charts in this 31-page executive summary.

Full Report

View the full 166-page survey report, highlighting insights, outlining the demographic profile of survey respondents, and detailing specific findings. 

Opportunities for Improvement

Top 10 Priority List

Our community identified 10 opportunities where we can do better when they responded to this question: "What is the one thing we could do to most improve your experience with IT at Stanford?" Here is a list of the top priorities.

  • Cell/Phone Service
  • Classrooms and Canvas
  • Communication Issues
  • Device Registration, Encryption, Sign On
  • Email, Spam, Phishing
  • Google
  • Networking
  • Service and Support
  • Software Issues
  • Specific Technologies and Programs


Respondents identified specific areas on campus where wireless (WIFI) connectivity is needed and where mobile (cell) phone connectivity is poor.

Information Security

Respondents identified what additional information security guidance they desire from IT at Stanford.


The CIO Council is pleased to share the aggregated results of our 2020 IT Client Satisfaction Survey. We share these results so you may monitor our on-going progress in addressing your needs.

In February, we distributed our first survey to the entire Stanford community to measure IT satisfaction among faculty, postdocs, students, and staff. We heard from more than 8,500 community members, including 600 faculty, 3,500 students, and 4,400 staff. Thank you to everyone who participated.

The results are now available on this webpage. Overall themes include:

  • Faculty and staff are very satisfied with IT at Stanford, while students are less so.

  • The greatest areas of IT satisfaction across all groups are our support services we provide and the reliability of core technology systems.

  • For students, wireless access and performance is a top opportunity for improvement.

  • For faculty and staff, email and calendar services are top opportunities for improvement.

Stanford’s central and distributed IT organizations will leverage this valuable feedback to improve and enhance our IT services. Never has technology been more critical in supporting Stanford’s research, academic, and healthcare mission. The CIO Council is committed to addressing service shortcomings, while strategically investing in the technologies of the future.

Thank you again to those of you who provided feedback through the survey. We care about your IT experience at Stanford and welcome continued input on how we can improve.

Kind regards,

Steve Gallagher
Stanford CIO and Co-Chair of the CIO Council

June 15, 2020


Stanford University is committed to providing an online environment that is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. If you cannot access this content or use any features on this site, please contact client_sat_team@lists.stanford.edu to obtain alternate formats.

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