XTLP Alumni Community

The XTLP Alumni Community enables ongoing formal and informal opportunities for you and other graduates of the ITLP and STLP programs to:

  • Reconnect and build new connections with IT colleagues across the university
  • Revisit lessons learned from the leadership programs
  • Learn new approaches and strategies for effective leadership
  • Cultivate an even stronger IT community at Stanford

Stay connected

We encourage you to stay connected between alumni events through the XTLP Slack channel in the IT at Stanford Slack workspace.


The XTLP Alumni Community coordinates several opportunities throughout the year to reconnect with your colleagues, and refresh your leadership skills.

Annual Reunion

A half-day reunion is coordinated once a year to provide a formal learning and connection opportunity to ITLP and STLP graduates.


The XTLP X-TRA series offers periodic opportunities to continue your learning on important leadership topics, and connect with IT colleagues in an informal way. Stay tuned for the next event.


If you'd like to volunteer to help build a stronger XTLP Alumni Community, we'd appreciate your help. Either post on the XTLP Slack channel or email Nancy Ware at (nware@stanford.edu) to share your interest.

Whether you're a current Slack user or new to Slack, if you need help joining the XTLP Slack channel, visit this webpage for help.