Formed in 2015, the Stanford CIO Council meets monthly and is comprised of the senior-most technical leaders from major Stanford units that manage one or more substantial IT enterprises. The council strives to be transparent by publishing agendas and supporting materials on this website.


The mission of the CIO Council is to:

  • Provide advice and counsel on university-wide technology strategy and direction
  • Inform priorities related to technology at Stanford
  • Serve as a focal point for campus-wide IT planning and coordination
  • Provide input to key governance and policy development groups across campus


The CIO Council empowers the Stanford community by:

  • Promoting university-wide access to data, information, and knowledge
  • Enabling innovation in teaching, learning, research, and mission support operations
  • Enabling seamless collaboration across communities and disciplines
  • Developing next generation leadership

Governance and Policy

The CIO Council provides insights and input to core university administrative, academic, and research governing bodies, including:


The CIO Council encourages feedback from the community, including questions and input related to technology efforts and strategies at Stanford.

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