Development Opportunity Finder

Stanford offers an abundance of opportunities for career and professional development. The ones listed below are specifically relevant to IT staff. For a comprehensive overview of university-wide opportunities, explore Cardinal at Work’s Learning at Stanford webpage. You can also discuss other personal or professional opportunities with your manager.

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Information Technology Leadership Program

ITLP enhances the professional and personal development of individuals who will play increasingly important management and leadership roles within information technology.
Requires manager-nomination (more common) or self-nomination (less common)

Stanford Technical Leadership Program

STLP supports individual growth and the development of an IT Community at Stanford that can work more effectively across organizations.
Requires manager-nomination (more common) or self-nomination (less common)

Manager Academy

Stanford Manager Academy gives managers opportunities to learn new ways to address their most critical managerial challenges, share ideas with other managers across the university, and drive their own ongoing development.
Requires nomination

Manager Development Toolkit

Developing your skills as a manager and growing and developing your team members is essential to achieve success as a team. Investing in development can lead to increased productivity, improved employee engagement and retention, better collaboration and decision-making, and greater innovation and creativity.

IT Mentoring Program

The IT Mentoring Program promotes and supports mutually-beneficial learning relationships between individuals across Stanford IT.


IDEAL IT is a CIO Council-sponsored program that promotes and advances diversity and inclusion initiatives within the IT Community at Stanford.

Connect with Colleagues

Set aside some time to invest in building a new relationship or furthering an existing one.

Communities of Practice (CoPs)

CoPs support collaboration across Stanford professionals through regular meetings, events, mailing lists and other opportunities to learn from each other.

Technology Training Classes

UIT's Technology Training offers in-person technology classes and workshops to support personal and professional development.


Learn new skills and techniques to engage with your current position and prepare you for future opportunities. Access select free courses through Coursera in dozens of specialty areas.

Stanford IT Experiential Development Program (IT EDP)

The Stanford IT Experiential Development Program (IT EDP) is a CIO Council-sponsored program intended to support individual learning, growth, and mobility for all staff in the IT Community at Stanford, while also potentially increasing collaboration. This program will allow Stanford employees to try out different roles, gain a wide range of experience, and explore multiple development opportunities anywhere within the IT Community at Stanford.