Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP)

More than 120 participants have graduated from ITLP since it was first established at Stanford in 2005. The program is designed to:

  • Enhance the professional and personal development of individuals who will play increasingly important management and leadership roles within information technology.
  • Broaden each participant's understanding of the strategic and technological issues facing higher education institutions and how each institution is shaping its choices.
  • Strengthen the relationships within and across the participating universities to foster the collaboration needed to leverage resources when working on common interests.

Program components

The program extends beyond Stanford to include a cohort of participants from several other universities. ITLP provides an opportunity for Stanford staff to travel to other participating universities and learn not only from fellow Stanford participants, but also from IT colleagues across the nation.

The program consists of the following components:


The program consists of four intensive multi-day workshop sessions, focused on providing a conceptual framework while building selected competencies needed to fulfill leadership and management roles.

Applied Learning

Participants have the opportunity to immediately put into practice what they learn and to expand on their learning when they meet again at future workshops. To further encourage the integration of program content with real-life challenges, participants are asked to complete pre-work and application assignments between the sessions

Individual Development

Each participant is expected to commit to an individual development plan that includes receiving feedback from a 360-degree survey process, completing a self-assessment, establishing goals, and participating in one-on-one coaching sessions. This program component is designed to support people doing the individual “work on self” that is a critical dimension of the developmental process.

Leadership Community

Throughout the program, there is considerable emphasis on relying on each other, learning from each other, and depending on each other to make lessons learned sustainable beyond the program. Workshops are filled with group work, affinity groups are charged with work between sessions, peer coaches are assigned, and the bond formed during this program becomes a critical currency for getting things done in the organization going forward.

Participant expectations

Participants will meet in four multi-day workshop sessions at universities across the country. ITLP sponsors should expect to make participants available for the entire week when workshops are scheduled. This program involves travel to universities typically located on the East Coast.

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