Hosts Wanted for Development Opportunities

The IT EDP Project Coordination team seeks hosts for development opportunities, especially short-term development assignments. This is a great way to leverage the skills and expertise of other members of the IT Community to meet your team’s objectives, while simultaneously creating a valuable learning opportunity for someone. Learn more in the Program Guidelines and when you’re ready, add an opportunity


Need help creating an opportunity or have questions?
Email the IT EDP Project Coordination team.

The Stanford IT Experiential Development Program (IT EDP) is a CIO Council-sponsored program intended to support individual learning, growth, and mobility for all staff in the IT Community at Stanford, while also potentially increasing collaboration.

Stanford IT EDP gives you opportunities to:

  • Broaden your skill sets and learn new ways of working
  • Expand your personal networks
  • Acquire new work experiences
  • Explore career mobility and latticing options
  • Gain exposure to different roles and organizations across Stanford IT

IT EDP consists of three types of opportunities, each with varying degrees of time commitment.

Go and See

One hour to one day

Observation of a role, team, unit, or project meeting.


Job Shadow

One hour to two days

Observation of a job function or role.


Short-Term Development Assignment

Up to 20% time (eight hours a week) for six months*

A temporary assignment with another team, unit, or project, while maintaining most other regular job duties.

* Development assignments typically last anywhere from one month to one year; six months is best practice.

Eligibility and Guidelines

The program is open to any staff member who currently works in, or has an interest in, an IT role at Stanford. Read the program and eligibility guidelines.

What is the Participant's role?

The "Participant" is:

  • A Stanford employee in good standing
  • Open to learning by observing or trying out a different role in IT
  • Interested in exploring new skills and/or opportunities for growth and development

Participants are responsible for fully engaging in the IT EDP opportunity and coordinating with both the “Host” and their own manager in their home unit.

What is the Host's role?

The "Host" is:

  • A manager, supervisor, or individual contributor in another unit from the Participant
  • The facilitator of the IT EDP opportunity
  • Responsible for providing ongoing feedback to the Participant and Participant’s manager in their home unit

Prior management experience is not necessary to be a Host.

Get Started

To start your IT EDP journey, begin with the following steps:
1. Browse the Opportunity Directory

2. If you see something you’re interested in, you are strongly encouraged to talk to your manager and get their approval to participate in the opportunity. 

3. Click the "Sign up for Opportunity" button below and complete the form.

4. From there you will receive a series of emails and instructions to help you connect with the host and get the opportunity set up. 

If support is needed at any point during the process, the IT EDP Program Coordinators are available to help answer questions and resolve any issues. 

Additional questions?

Learn more

IT EDP co-sponsor, Jon Pilat

IT EDP Participants share their experiences

IT EDP offers a high potential return based on a modest commitment and engagement model that encourages participants to "come as they are" and safely explore the vast array of real-world experiences and opportunities available within our technology community.

Kurt Howerton, Director of Technology, School of Engineering and Co-Sponsor, IT EDP

IT at Stanford is such a big and varied place that it can be hard to see from one side of it to the other. The EDP program helps build those connections that are vital to working as part of any large community and gives us all an opportunity to learn from each other, whether as participant, host, or teammate.

Jon Pilat, Chief Information Officer, Humanities and Sciences and Co-Sponsor, IT EDP

The Stanford IT Experiential Development Program is a wonderful opportunity to invest in yourself, grow professionally, and learn through real-world experiences. This program will help you bridge the gap between theory and practice, provide you with an innovative and immersive work environment, and enhance your confidence with career exploration and decision making.

Paul Robles, Chief Information Officer, Residential & Dining Enterprises and Co-Sponsor, IT EDP

Program Resources

The EDP IT Program resources include links to worksheets and tools, tip sheets, meeting presentation slides, and other documents that are intended to support the success of your experiential development assignment. 

View program resources