Our vision

A connected and engaged IT community at Stanford, where information is shared readily, connecting with others is effortless, and it’s easy to find and partner with collaborators across organizational lines.

Our goals

We’ve joined forces to advance how our community:

  • COMMUNICATES: We aim to strengthen how we communicate with one another

  • CONNECTS: We aim to expand opportunities for building relationships across the community  

  • COLLABORATES: We aim to identify more ways we can align efforts and work together

Our work

  • Jan. – Feb. 2019

    Launch, brainstorm and narrow

    • The IT Champions met in January for the first time
    • The group brainstormed broadly, and narrowed to 5 Champion priorities
  • March – April 2019

    Refine and plan

    • Agreed on top three priorities to advance
    • Created starter action plans
  • May – June 2019

    Scope and socialize

    • Continued to scope the work required for execution of the priorities
    • Met with various leaders and stakeholders to socialize our plans
  • July – Dec. 2019

    Implement, promote and engage

    • Implement plans to strengthen communication, connection and collaboration
    • Promote these new offerings and opportunities to the IT Community and encourage them to participate and contribute
  • January 2020 and beyond

    Refine, advance, maintain

    • Refine and advance efforts based on community feedback
    • Continue to maintain efforts that are working well

Who we are

A 20-or-so member, community-owned group of volunteers from central and local IT groups who:

  • are passionate about activating a stronger IT Community, specifically through communications, connection and collaboration activities
  • work to complement and support other groups and activities in the IT at Stanford orbit
  • help achieve consistency and alignment across the IT Community

Join us

If you share our passion for building a stronger IT Community and want to volunteer your time and talent to help, reach out to us through this form.

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