Coaching Sessions - Empower Your Voice

Do you want to empower your voice? Are you looking to transform nagging doubts and self-limiting beliefs into positive, actionable thoughts? Do you want to map out a strategy for success and be forward thinking? Sign up for coaching sessions with Janet Kim.

Janet is deeply committed to giving back to her community and helping individuals tap into their unique strengths and potential, and find their voice. Her infectious enthusiasm will bring boundless energy and motivation to each coaching session.

Whether looking to  take the next step in your personal or professional life, together you will embark on a transformative journey towards a more purposeful future. Janet’s coaching sessions will  help you:

  • gain clarity on your vision for the future
  • amplify your voice - it matters
  • advocate for yourself and turn those negative thoughts into positive thinking
  • overcome public speaking fears
  • build your personal and professional brand


“Embarking on the journey of public speaking with Janet has been nothing short of transformative. Through her guidance and unwavering support, I've understood that my voice holds immense power and significance. Janet's unique approach instills confidence and empowers individuals to embrace their potential. Her ability to cultivate a space where authenticity thrives is truly remarkable. I wholeheartedly endorse Janet to anyone seeking to conquer their fear of public speaking and unlock their inner brilliance.”
-Stephani Thomas, Manager, Computer Resource Consulting

"There's something to be said about having a trustworthy person in your career with whom you can share your personal growth areas and who can be your listening partner when needed. Janet was that person for me. She was a trusted advisor and a coach who provided uplifting feedback in a direct and honest manner. I've had other coaches in the past, but Janet was different, and her approach stuck with me. Janet brought tools and techniques and practiced them alongside us. She wasn't a bystander, but fully immersed in the learning process alongside us.”
-Maria Maravilla, Director, ExRe BTS Business Systems & Ops