A CIO Council strategic initiative, this cross-organization, collaborative initiative will improve the student technology support experience, allowing students to connect quickly and seamlessly to the help they need. We aim to minimize the time, effort, and energy students spend getting support for technology services so they can focus on learning, research, and teaching.


student technology support experience pillars - common infrastructure, connect student support teams, transparency and visibility, financial sustainability, student voice


Connect Student Support Teams. We’ve created a network of student support teams who meet regularly to identify pain points, share knowledge, and improve processes between teams.

Leverage Common Infrastructure. We will create a common gateway for students to find the support they need and centralize support teams on one ticketing system. 

Enhance Transparency and Visibility. We will create dashboards for all student support stakeholders to ensure critical information flows smoothly between departments.

Model Financial Sustainability. We will explore a sustainable models to manage predictable and significant increases in demand for support during busy seasons.

Incorporate Student Voice. We will launch a student advisory program to surface and define problems students are experiencing.

Guiding Principles

Student-centric. Guided by students and the academic community.

Continuous improvement. Technology and processes evolve; as must this program. 

Transparent. Provide insights to all stakeholders.

Collaborative, shared infrastructure and processes. Unite and align all teams who support students with technology. 

Aligned with governance groups. Driven by strategic goals, missions, long-range campus plans.

Targeted. Recognizes and addresses unique needs of graduate and undergraduate students.

Key Performance Indicators

Reduce the number of times students submit the same issue to multiple teams.

Increase student satisfaction measures on surveys.

Increase availability of student-focused self-help resources. 

Increase data available to School IT Leaders and IT Support Teams to monitor trending student issues.

Provide an annual report outlining the state of student support.

Decrease time to resolution

Increase first-contact resolutions.

Feedback from 2022 IT Client Satisfaction Survey

"One thing that could improve my experience with IT at Stanford is making the turnaround time faster and allow students to access help easier."

"Have the same person follow through with you when you submit a help ticket. Sometimes the flip flopping of who is helping you makes things confusing.​​​​​​"

"Can we please centralize resources, rather than have us jumping from one website to the next?"


The Improving the Student Support Experience initiative will help connect students to the best support team and increase the availability of student-focused self-help resources. This student-centric approach leverages common infrastructure, reduces the number of times students submit the same issue to multiple teams, and reduces time to resolution. We will also launch a student advisory program, possibly in partnership with residential neighborhoods.

Student Support Teams

By connecting student support teams across Stanford, we’ve identified common pain points and established communication channels between teams to improve call and ticket transition processes between teams. We will create dashboards for all stakeholders responsible for supporting students with the goal of increasing transparency and visibility. This collaborative network approach will encompass continuous learning and improvement, and help flag trending issues across campus.


students at computer

Campus Leaders

Leaders need to know what issues are trending and what rumors might be spreading to prepare and be proactive in responses and communication. We will generate a model for surge support during busy seasons and for complex events such as commencement to ensure that predictable and significant increases in demand are met in a timely manner. In addition, we will provide joint training so support staff can support other teams and increase efficiency. 

We’re passionate about the student technology experience

IT support can be challenging: tickets might go through several points of contact, a resolution could take more time than desired, and needs may vary greatly between undergraduate and graduate students. The Student Support Experience initiative will improve the student technology support journey, allowing students to connect quickly and seamlessly to the help they need.

Learn more about Improving the Student Technology Support Experience, including details about the initiative, specific deliverables, and metrics for success:

Improving the Student Technology Support Experience

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