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Jump into summer with an immersive professional development experience through the IT Experiential Development Program (IT EDP).

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Check out these short-term development assignments, designed to give you experience and exposure to a new project and team.

If one or more of these opportunities look intriguing to you, why not apply? But before you do, be sure to read the program guidelines and have a conversation with your manager. Submit applications by July 1 using this form.

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Interested in a different type of learning opportunity?

In addition to Short-Term Development Assignments, IT EDP also offers Job Shadowing and Go-and-See Opportunities that will expose you to new roles and teams in a short amount of time. Learn more about opportunity types, what’s involved, and their time commitments:

Opportunity Description Recommended Time Commitment Application Deadline
Go-and-See Observation of role/team/unit/project meeting One hour - one day No deadline - sign up anytime! 
Job Shadowing Observation of a role One hour - two days No deadline - sign up anytime! 
Short-Term Development Assignment Temporary assignment while maintaining most other job duties

< 20% time for six months*

*Development assignments typically last anywhere from one month to one year; six months is best practice

July 1, 2022

We are always adding new opportunities to the mix, so check back often!

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Visit the IT EDP webpage for information on eligibility, resources, and to see all available opportunities. Reach out to the IT EDP project coordination team at it-edp-program@lists.stanford.edu if you have any questions.