Lifting the Mask: A Manager’s Toolkit for Creating Psychological Safety

By Anne Pinkowski

With mask mandates lifted, we’ve been thinking about how to eliminate the need to mask in professional settings.  We’re not referring to the face coverings we’ve all become so accustomed to during COVID, but rather the mask that many individuals feel compelled to wear to be accepted at work.

Many people don’t feel comfortable being their genuine selves in the workplace. These individuals mask to conform to social pressures. This masking intends to protects the wearer from discrimination and to blend into the crowd, rather than stand out despite their beautiful and extraordinary uniqueness.

This month, we celebrate Autism Awareness and would like to shine a light on how you can promote acceptance of our neurodivergent staff members so they can be their genuine selves and not fear judgment because of the way they think, communicate, or present in the workplace.  

The Neurodiversity in IT program, an IDEAL IT Program, is releasing a suite of resources and tips for managers aimed at attracting, interviewing, accommodating, and supporting neurodivergent individuals.

Some of the topics covered include how to adapt a job description to be more inclusive of neurodivergent individuals, and how to get the most out of an interview with a neurodivergent individual. These are just two areas in the Neurodiversity in IT Manager Toolkit … and there’s more to come! 

To learn more, register for the BeWell Healthy Living class "Neurodiversity in the Workplace," May 10, 12 p.m. - 1:30 p.m., which is co-sponsored by the Stanford CIO Council Neurodiversity in IT Program.

In this lunch-and-learn session, you will gain a basic awareness of neurodiversity and autism, an understanding of autistic traits within the workplace, and tips for enabling autistic colleagues to be effective in the workplace. Support the program, learn how you can be an ally, and earn BeWell points!

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