Newest IDEAL IT pillar engages “hearts and minds” around digital accessibility

IDEAL IT and the Stanford Office of Digital Accessibility have teamed up to launch Accessibility in IT, a new program that is part of IDEAL IT and focuses on building allyship and awareness around digital accessibility. 

Digital accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of removing barriers that limit people with disabilities from interacting with websites, digital tools, and technologies. Accessible technologies make it possible for everyone—including individuals with disabilities—to engage and participate in the research, education, and social mission of the university. 

“The aim of Accessibility in IT is to foster a community of practitioners and allies who are interested in learning about digital accessibility issues and applying that knowledge to everyday business practices in order to create an inclusive and equitable environment,” said program lead Sean Keegan, who also directs the Office of Digital Accessibility. 

Accessibility in IT complements the work of the Office of Digital Accessibility, as well as the existing Accessibility Community of Practice (COP) by creating a forum to explore accessibility topics within a larger community of allies.

“The COP focuses more on specific best practices, or solving accessibility problems that practitioners are dealing with on a regular basis," Keegan explained. “The new Accessibility in IT Program is intended for a broader audience who may not have expertise, but are interested in learning more, and learning WHY accessibility is so important. This program is about creating a place to listen, discuss, and share perspectives.”

Get Involved

To get started, check out these accessibility-related events and resources provided by the Office of Digital Accessibility in recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), which occurred on May 19. 

Accessibility in IT will officially kick off with a launch event on June 22, featuring Jennison Asuncion and Joe Devon, co-founders of the Global Accessibility Awareness Day. 

Register for the launch event on the event page.

Stay tuned and check out the Accessibility in IT website for the latest events, updates, and information.

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