A Nudge to Keep macOS Devices Up-to-Date

When new software updates are available, those who use a macOS device for Stanford work may soon get a reminder from Nudge.

Nudge is a tool that encourages people to install critical macOS security updates promptly.

Starting Feb. 24, 2023, the Nudge app will be deployed to all Stanford-affiliated macOS devices running macOS 10.15 Catalina or later — if they are on the Jamf platform. The rollout will occur in phases based on operating systems, starting with Ventura.

A lighter, less intrusive approach

Compared to older methods of auto-installing macOS updates and prompting for a restart, Nudge takes a lighter, less intrusive approach. Learn more about Nudge.

Here’s how it works. When it’s time to install a macOS security update, a prompt that looks like this pops up on the screen.

Screenshot of the Nudge pop up message

After reviewing the text, the person receiving the prompt can click the blue Open Software Update button to proceed with the update through an Apple-approved process.

  • Nudge guides clients to the System Preferences pane to complete most updates.
  • Major updates will be installed via a standalone installer.

If now is not a good time, people can select Defer to dismiss the current notification and receive another reminder at a different time and date.

As the required installation date nears, Nudge will become more persistent about sending reminders. Once the installation deadline has passed, Nudge will no longer permit deferrals.

Another cool feature: Nudge won’t send a reminder when people are on Zoom.

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