Stanford’s Year Up Community Continues to Grow

For the fourth year in a row, the Year Up Internship Program and Stanford IT community has hosted Year Up interns, providing them with first-hand experience in the workforce. In August, we welcomed 16 new interns!

Year Up is a national organization, aiming to close the opportunity divide by giving diverse populations the education and experience to start their careers. Students spend six months learning and training in help desk/desktop support, data analytics, and project management support. They are then placed in roles across Stanford, where they spend another six months gaining work experience.

Students are offered support throughout their internships and guidance on how to plan their next steps. By the end of their year-long program, these young adults are qualified and prepared to enter the Stanford and Bay Area workforce. 

“More hiring managers are catching on that we have talented young people interning here. I had three reach out during the last cohort for openings on their teams." said Hope Johnson, Year Up partnership lead. “That's what we want! Internships that turn into ongoing opportunities.”

Eight Stanford IT units are excited to provide these opportunities. New units for this cohort are: Land, Buildings & Real Estate’s Transportation group, the Vice Provost for Student Affairs’ Student & Academic Services group, and the Vice Provost for Student Affairs’ Registrar’s Office group. These units join the other sponsoring organizations for this cohort: Residential and Dining Enterprises, University IT, Stanford Medicine Technology and Digital Solutions, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Graduate School of Business, and Stanford Libraries.

“In partnership with the CIO Council, the Year Up internship program affords Stanford’s IT community a unique opportunity to 'walk the talk' in recruiting IT talent that reflects the diversity of our Bay Area community,” said Steve Gallagher, Chief Information Officer at Stanford and executive sponsor for the Year Up Internship program at Stanford. “I’m delighted to see this program continue to grow and prosper across Stanford as part of our IDEAL IT program.”

This Year’s Interns

  • Oscar Lopez Hernandez, Residential & Dining Enterprises
  • Savanna Russo, Residential & Dining Enterprises
  • Abraham Arango, Technology & Digital Solutions
  • Jonathan Mendoza, University IT
  • Joshua Lucero, Vice Provost for Student Affairs
  • Jaxson Mueller, Vice Provost for Student Affairs
  • Julio Garcia Viera, University IT
  • Cynthia Saavedra, University IT
  • Marisylvia Rios, University IT
  • Jason Nguyen, SLAC
  • Deana Aquino, SLAC
  • Clarence Doan, SLAC
  • Devenn Eng, University IT
  • Daniela Torres, Graduate School of Business
  • Julina Cabrera, Stanford University Libraries
  • Kenneth Gomez, Land, Buildings & Real Estate

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Year Up is an integral part of the CIO Council strategic initiative, IDEAL IT, which ensures we help build a diverse, inclusive space for the future. Visit the Year Up Internship Program page to learn more. For more information on the Year Up organization, visit

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