Stanford’s Year Up Community Welcomes Biggest Cohort Yet

Meet some interns

Alexa Kegarice
Alexa Kegarice

“I feel very supported, everyone here is nice and welcoming. My time so far has been amazing! I am learning a lot of new skills, meeting amazing people, and I cannot wait to see what this journey has in store. I am super grateful to be at Stanford and get a start in my career!”

Internship Track: Project Management
Stanford Internship Position: Project Coordinator; Land, Buildings & Real Estate

Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro

“My internship experience is going really well. I’m learning a lot of things and getting to know my team. The moment I learned I was going to be interning at Stanford, my heart became ecstatic and overjoyed. As a kid, I always imagined being at Stanford either studying or working. Landing this internship opportunity is definitely a life goal I'm proud to have accomplished.”

Internship Track: Project Management
Stanford Internship Position: Project Coordinator; School of Engineering

The Year Up Internship Program and Stanford IT community are hosting the 10th cohort of Year Up interns, providing them first-hand experience in the workforce. This year is the biggest cohort yet — 25 new interns!

The Year Up Internship Program is a national organization aiming to close the opportunity divide by giving young adults of diverse and underrepresented backgrounds the skills, experiences, and support to start their careers. Students spend six months learning and training in IT helpdesk and desktop support, data analytics, project management support, and Year Up’s newest track application development & support. This new track allows interns to develop programming, application/web development, and software development fundamentals. After completing a track, interns are placed in roles at various organizations, including Stanford, where they spend another six months gaining work experience. 

Year Up at Stanford

At Stanford, Year Up internship opportunities are sponsored or funded by teams and leaders who match a Year Up student with a skill area their team provides. By the end of the year-long program, Year Up participants are qualified and prepared to enter a competitive workforce in their matched skill area.

This year, Stanford's Year Up program offers the most diverse sponsorship pool to date with 11 Stanford units providing opportunities. New units for this cohort are: 

  • External Relations
  • Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
  • Graduate School of Business Digital Solutions
  • Land, Buildings & Real Estate’s Department of Project Management
  • Land, Buildings & Real Estate’s Real Estate Operation
  • Stanford Health Care TDS Field Support
  • School of Engineering’s Engineering Research Administration
  • School of Medicine IT Application Development.

These units join the other sponsoring organizations for this cohort: Residential and Dining Enterprises, University IT, SLAC, and Stanford University Libraries.

The program recently hosted a hybrid welcome event for the cohort — the first in three years to bring people together in person. “It was incredible to chat with some of the interns and hear how their first month has been going.” said Hope L. Johnson, Year Up program lead. “They are eager to learn and are looking forward to connecting with others during their time here. I know the Stanford community will continue to welcome and support them just as eagerly.” 

This year’s interns

Sebastian Castro, School of Engineering
Jayden Fedalizo, SLAC
Izzaldin  Allawzi, SLAC 
Kennan Nguyen, University IT
Leo Garcia, University IT
Alondra Balderrama, University IT
Elijah Ayson, Land, Buildings & Real Estate
Leuri Vercher, Land, Buildings & Real Estate
Eduard Kaba, School of Engineering
Marissa Meza, Residential & Dining Enterprises
Karen Pompa, Residential & Dining Enterprises
Ash Freeman, Stanford Health Care
Moctezuma Mendoza, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
Alicia Solis, University IT
Stan Nguyen, University IT
Vicky Lin, External Relations
Jezabelle Rodriguez, Land, Buildings & Real Estate
Alexa Aguinaga, Graduate School of Business
Gaby Claros, Stanford Health Care
Alex Portillo, Stanford University Libraries
Emily Li, School of Medicine
Erendy Moreno, Land, Buildings & Real Estate
Sohanny Sandoval, University IT
Alexa Kegarice, Graduate School of Business

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