Virtual Proxy Host Service Changes Coming

IT Community, you may need to provide assistance to faculty and staff who are currently using the Virtual Proxy Host service as University IT prepares for the retirement of the service later this year. Here’s what you need to know.

  • No new virtual host proxy requests will be granted.
  • Existing virtual proxy host entries can be edited or deleted until Sept. 30.
  • Virtual Proxy Host service (NetDB node proxy-srv) will be retired on Sept. 30.
  • No changes will be made to virtual hosts that point to (NetDB node www-v6) during this project.
  • Short custom URLs can be created using the new Vanity URL service.

Why the change?

The virtual proxy host service currently runs on an older platform (AFS) and is using deprecated Webauth service. The decision to retire the service was made as part of the Web Content Management Program. Additional information on the virtual proxy host conversion can be found on the project page.

Custom URL needs

For sites that are using a custom URL on a third-party hosting provider, site owners will need to follow vendor-specific instructions to retain the clean in client browsers. This list of resources includes links to vendor-specific documentation.

Additional support and resources