IDEAL IT is a CIO Council-sponsored program that promotes and advances the Stanford Presidential IDEAL initiative within the IT Community at Stanford. IDEAL stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in a Learning Community, and is a cornerstone of Stanford’s diversity initiatives.

The sub-programs that make up IDEAL IT reflect our commitment to providing opportunities where individuals with diverse backgrounds can collaborate, grow, and excel across different functions and disciplines.

Recent News

IT Mentoring Program Is Now Accepting Applications for 2023

Build your network, increase your confidence, and grow your skills with the IT Mentoring Program. Applications are now being accepted for 2023. All IT staff at Stanford are invited and encouraged to participate as a mentor, mentee, or both.

Extraordinary Leaders Discuss Women's Careers in Technology in Higher Education

Paving the way for the future often begins with honest discussions about the present. This is one reason for the significance of the Nov. 8 “Conversations with Extraordinary Leaders” event, which featured women panelists in technology leadership positions.

ExCITE event logo

Exploring “The Self” in the Latest ExCITE

The fourth Explore Careers in Technology Event (ExCITE) was held on Nov. 16. The theme of this ExCITE was “the self” including self-empowerment, self-improvement, self-advocacy, and self-compassion.

Upcoming Events

Why attend IDEAL IT events?

Accessibility in IT

A program that focuses on building awareness, allyship, and accountability around digital accessibility at Stanford.

Neurodiversity in IT

A Stanford University pilot program that attracts, recruits, and supports neurodiverse employees in the IT Community.

Year Up Internship Program

A program that creates internships in Stanford IT for young adults from underprivileged and economically disadvantaged communities.

Stanford Women in Technology (Stanford WIT)

An affinity group for women in technology that advances gender representation, engagement, and support in the Stanford IT community.

Stanford People of Color in Technology (POC-IT)

An affinity group that advances representation, engagement, and support for people of color in technology roles at Stanford.

IDEAL IT Foundations

A sub-program that focuses on strategic planning efforts, diversifying recruitment, and increasing overall cultural awareness in the Stanford IT community.

Diversity and inclusion are essential to Stanford’s strength. A university depends, at its core, on the free and open exchange of ideas in a culture of mutual respect. It also depends upon the participation and inclusion of people of all backgrounds, races, genders, identities, ideologies, and ways of thinking.

Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Stanford President

Our goal is to recruit, retain, and develop extraordinary people in our IT community at Stanford. Foundational to that is fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where talented staff can thrive.

Steve Gallagher, Stanford Chief Information Officer