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Connect with colleagues on Slack

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Follow these instructions to log in for the first time. Once logged in, search for the IT at Stanford workspace.

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Search for the IT at Stanford workspace in the Workspace Directory.

The IT Community Champions are excited to introduce a new effort aimed at better connecting all of us across our IT teams.

This July, you are encouraged to set aside some time to invest in building a new relationship or furthering an existing one by participating in the “Connect with Colleagues” campaign.

How do I participate?

It’s easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Join more than 500 of your IT colleagues in the IT at Stanford workspace on Slack. (If you’re already a member of this workspace, advance to No. 2). 

  2. Join the new #it-connect channel in the IT at Stanford workspace.

  3. Wait for the Donut app to pair you with an IT colleague. You’ll be paired with a colleague once or twice depending on when you join the channel and how long you stay part of it. Channel members will be paired on July 10 and July 24.  

  4. Once you’re paired, pick a time and place to meet for donuts, coffee, or lunch. If your physical locations make it difficult to meet in person, connect through Zoom instead. 

Why build relationships?

Remember, building relationships now often pays dividends when you need to get work done later. Consider these thoughts from Brian McDonald, president of MOR Associates, an organization that delivers the IT leadership development programs at Stanford.

“Building relationships is also an important skill to develop. Relationships are currency in higher education. Making the most of the daily interactions to connect and work with individuals helps make relationship building a habit. This allows you to extend your network as a simple matter of course.”

Read more from McDonald in this article.


If you have questions about the Connect with Colleagues campaign, the Donut app, or the work of the IT Community Champions, please reach out to us through this form.

Connect with Colleagues via Slack

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