Empowering Tomorrow's Talent: Stanford IT Community Welcomes 12th Year Up Cohort

Will Torres-Benitez
Will Torres-Benitez

“I am very excited to be a part of the Stanford University Transportation team during the course of my internship. My first month with the team has been full of learning new skills and connecting with my team. I look forward to continuing to grow while being here!”

Internship Track: Project Management
Stanford Internship Position: Project Management Intern, LBRE

Juan Jose Espinoza
Juan Jose Espinoza

“My internship at Stanford University has been an incredible journey! Working alongside a dedicated team, I've had the privilege to contribute to streamlining Oracle Implementations and enhancing custom applications crucial to Stanford's operations. Overall, my experience has been immensely rewarding. I'm grateful for the support and guidance of my colleagues and mentors throughout this journey. Looking ahead, I'm excited to tackle new challenges and continue growing in my role. Here's to more successes and learning opportunities at Stanford UIT!”

Internship Track: Application Development
Stanford Internship Position: Software Developer Intern, UIT

The Stanford IT community is proud to announce the 12th cohort of interns joining us for the Year Up Internship Program! This year marks a significant milestone as our collaboration with Stanford Health Care has expanded, allowing us to welcome 26 interns. This growth reflects our increasing commitment to diversity and inclusion within our community and highlights our dedication to providing transformative opportunities.

Year Up bridges the opportunity gap for young adults from diverse backgrounds. As a nationwide initiative, Year Up offers students a chance to develop skills and gain experiences in career fields including IT help desk, data analytics, application development, and project management. Following the completion of six months of learning and development, our ongoing partnership with Year Up allows interns six months to practice their skills at Stanford. 

Sponsoring Organizations

The growing success of our Year Up Internship Program is thanks to the generous support from numerous teams and leaders across Stanford. The sponsoring organizations that make this program possible include:

  • Graduate School of Business
  • Land, Buildings & Real Estate
  • Office of Development
  • Residential and Dining Enterprises
  • Stanford Health Care
  • SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
  • School of Engineering
  • Stanford University Libraries
  • University IT

2024 Year Up Interns

  • Azalea Candevani, Graduate School of Business 
  • Ivan Usi, Land, Buildings & Real Estate
  • Will Torres-Benitez, Land, Buildings & Real Estate
  • Mykala Pakeman, Office of Development
  • Jerimya Corpuz, Office of Development 
  • Howard Gibson Leemaster, Residential & Dining Enterprises
  • Bryan Hilario, Residential & Dining Enterprises
  • Huong Pham, Stanford Health Care
  • Angel Tostado, Stanford Health Care
  • Kevin Nuno, Stanford Health Care
  • Esther Tikolutu, Stanford Health Care
  • Victoria Martinez, Stanford Health Care
  • Kimberly Mier, Stanford Health Care
  • Alma Garcia, Stanford Health Care
  • Anthony Trinh, Stanford Health Care
  • Joshua Marzan, SLAC
  • Ansley Anguiano, SLAC
  • Anthony Olguin, School of Engineering 
  • Dominique Mayes, Stanford University Libraries
  • Juan Espinoza, University IT 
  • Alexandria Blackman, University IT 
  • Christian Misenas, University IT 
  • Alexandria Ogbogu, University IT 
  • Jaime Ortega, University IT 
  • Kalisa Vaka, University IT 
  • BriAnna Cardoza, University IT 

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Year Up is an integral part of the CIO Council strategic initiative, IDEAL IT, which ensures we help build a diverse, inclusive space for the future. Visit the Year Up Internship Program page to learn more. For more information on the Year Up organization, please visit yearup.org.

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