The Year Up Internship Program is a partnership between Stanford University and Year Up.

Year Up is an organization that works with motivated young adults from underprivileged and economically disadvantaged communities to provide technology skills-training and internship opportunities.

University IT (UIT) coordinates this partnership on behalf of the university. The Stanford IT Community sponsors Year Up interns in entry level positions throughout campus, giving participants invaluable experience while the IT organizations benefit from skilled and motivated individuals.

This program is part of Stanford IDEAL IT, which provides innovative approaches for increasing diversity, inclusion, equity, and access across Stanford IT.

Year Up Internship Program at Stanford

Recent News

Empowering Tomorrow's Talent: Stanford IT Community Welcomes 12th Year Up Cohort

Empowering Tomorrow's Talent: Stanford IT Community Welcomes 12th Year Up Cohort

The Stanford IT community is proud to announce the 12th cohort of interns joining us for the Year Up Internship Program!

Stanford IT Community Welcomes the 11th Cohort of Year Up Interns

Stanford IT Community Welcomes the 11th Cohort of Year Up Interns

The Stanford IT community is delighted to extend a warm welcome to the 11th group of interns who have joined us for the Year Up Internship Program!

Stanford’s Year Up Community Welcomes Biggest Cohort Yet

Stanford’s Year Up Community Welcomes Biggest Cohort Yet

The Year Up Internship Program and Stanford IT community are hosting the 10th cohort of Year Up interns. This year is the biggest cohort yet — 25 new interns!

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Year Up's mission is to close the Opportunity Divide by ensuring that young adults gain the skills, experiences, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through careers and higher education.

  • Internships are six months in duration.

  • Cohorts typically start the last week of January and July.

  • We start taking requests for interns in September for the January cohort, and in March for the July cohort. The call for interest/requests will be disseminated via the CIO Council, Campus IT Leaders, the UIT Newsletter, and the Year Up Slack channel.

  • Corporate partners make a financial investment in Year Up, on a per intern basis, commensurate with entry-level talent costs. The new fees are $39,450 (Data Analytics, IT Helpdesk, and Project Management) and $44,750 (for App Dev).

“Year Up enables young adults to move from minimum wage to meaningful careers in just one year.”

Read through a sample program overview for more information

Learn more from the IDEAL IT Mentoring Program Resources Page

Current and Former Interns

July 2023 Cohort

  • Sebastian Castro - SoE
  • Jayden Fedalizo - SLAC
  • Izzaldin (Izzy) Allawzi - SLAC
  • Kennan Nguyen - UIT Service Strategy
  • Leo Garcia - UIT Service Desk
  • Alondra Balderrama - UIT Service Desk
  • Elijah Ayson - LBRE
  • Leuri (Lo-Rai) Vercher - LBRE
  • Eduard Kaba - SoE
  • Karen Pompa - R&DE
  • Ash Freeman - SHC
  • Moctezuma Mendoza - UIT CRC
  • Alicia Solis - UIT CRC
  • Stan Nguyen - UIT CRC
  • Vicky Lin - EXRE
  • Jezabelle Rodriguez - LBRE
  • Alexa Aguinaga (they/them) - GSB
  • Gaby (Gah-bee) Claros  - SHC
  • Alex Portillo - SUL
  • Emily Li - SoM
  • Erendy Moreno - LBRE
  • Sohanny Sandoval - UIT OCIO
  • Oscar Fuentes - UIT TFAC
  • Alexa Kegarice - LBRE

January 2023 Cohort

  • Oscar Lopez Hernandez - R&DE
  • Savanna Russo - R&DE
  • Jonathan Mendoza - Service Strategy
  • Joshua Lucero - VPSA
  • Julio Garcia Viera - Service Desk
  • Cynthia Saavedra - CRC
  • Marisylvia Rios - CRC
  • Jason Nguyen - SLAC
  • Deana Aquino - SLAC
  • Clarence Doan - SLAC
  • Daniela Torres - GSB
  • Julina Cabrera - SUL
  • Kenneth Gomez - LBRE

July 2022 Cohort

  • America Armenta - GSB
  • Miguel Membreno Davila - Service Desk
  • Cindy Li - Service Strategy
  • Marco Medina - CRC
  • Patricia Barrera  - CRC
  • Hanna Yimer - OCIO
  • Arvin Dela Cruz - TCG
  • Anthony Balleza - SLAC
  • Christian Espiritu - SLAC
  • Daniel Gonzalez - SLAC
  • Abhiram Sai Manda - LBRE
  • Michael Vasquez - SUL
  • Koairera McFadden (Koko) - R&DE
  • Nathan Schank - R&DE
  • Jacqueline (Jacky) Espinoza - VPSA
  • Weston Cao - TDS
  • Gabriel Chavez - TDS
  • Monserratt Camacho - TDS
  • Vanessa Alfaro - TDS
  • Shelia Jenkins - H&S

January 2022 Cohort

  • Krishan Charitar - Service Desk
  • Philip Chu - Service Desk
  • Maria Urias Castro - Service Desk
  • Julian Jarquin - CRC
  • Laurentino Angeles - LBRE
  • Eduardo (Eddie) Diaz-Ortiz - SUL
  • Evan Anthony Bello - OCIO
  • Leandra Marie Plotkin - LTS
  • Guadalupe (Lupe) Gomez - R&DE
  • Mark (Jarrell) de Vera - Service Strategy

July 2021 Cohort

  • John Carlos Guerra - Service Desk
  • Grant Peyton - Service Desk
  • Angel Luis Samonte - CRC
  • Guadalupe Contreras - CRC
  • Salvador (Sal) Gutierrez Barcenas - SWS
  • Edgar Vicente Ortiz - Service Desk
  • Jennifer Laura Dalanan - H&S
  • Cesar Salinas - LBRE

January 2021 Cohort

  • Giovanni (Gio) Gonzalez Perez - Service Desk
  • Rodrigo Cisneros - EUX
  • Ivan Campos - EUX
  • Karla Moya - LBRE
  • Edward Preciado - SUL
  • Krishan Charitar - Service Desk
  • Philip Chu - Service Desk
  • Maria Urias Castro - Service Desk
  • Julian Jarquin - CRC
  • Laurentino Angeles - LBRE
  • Eduardo (Eddie) Diaz-Ortiz - SUL

July 2020 Cohort

  • Jason Bautista - FMS
  • Tannia Enriquez - FMS
  • Cristo (Alex) Mejia - UIT
  • Filmon Weldeyohans - UIT
  • Elizabeth Chacon - UIT
  • Lucia Moreno - UIT
  • Ralph Joseph Esguerra - UIT
  • Mohammed Zafar - UIT
  • Josue Orellana - UIT
  • Rosa Regalado - R&DE
  • Britney Gonzalez - SHC (RWC) / UIT
  • Yolanda (Darla) Gracia - EHS / UIT
  • Nicholas Hernandez - Law


“Year Up is an incredible organization with truly admirable goals. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford has a responsibility to partner with folks from the community. It’s a win-win for all of us.”

“As a technology leader, it’s my job to open doors for the people who have the skills and desire to do this work. For me, supporting the Year Up partnership is perfect.”

“The interns come in hungry to learn and just soak everything up. They are always looking to develop and grow—it’s a constant evolution for them.”

“Our Year Up intern brings a lot of great skills to the table and has been a great contribution to the team already. I particularly value her fresh perspective on our work and her eagerness to learn new things."

"The workshops and meetings we had were such a great help and definitely a learning experience. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.”

Tanniae Enriquez, Mentee

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