Now Available: 2022 IT Client Satisfaction Survey Results

In February, the CIO Council invited 38,000 Stanford community members to tell us about their IT experience through the 2022 Client Satisfaction Survey. We heard from more than 7,000 Stanford community members, including 2,300 undergraduate and graduate students, 400 postdocs, 500 faculty members, and 3,800 staff members. 

The aggregated and anonymous survey results are available on this IT Community webpage, which provides links to the 49-page executive summary and 234-page full survey report. 

Where we’ve improved

The overall satisfaction with IT and delivered services is very high and shows considerable improvement over the 2020 benchmark survey results. 

A few key insights into improved satisfaction across IT aspects include:

  • Keeps IT systems up and running: +7 percentage points
  • Provides valuable services: +5 percentage points
  • Delivers services on a timely basis: +7 percentage points
  • Takes client-oriented approach: +7 percentage points
  • Helps you use technology effectively: +8 percentage points

“I’m pleased with the many areas of improvement,” said Stanford CIO Steve Gallagher. “There is always work to be done to deliver the outstanding information technology services that the Stanford community expects and deserves.  The CIO Council is committed to using the survey results to continually improve all of our services.” 

Where to take action

The common themes that surfaced as opportunities for improvement include:

  • Connectivity. Respondents identified wireless performance and network connectivity as areas with lower satisfaction.
  • Student technology support experience. Undergrads, grads, and postdocs identified areas around device and technology support.
  • Teaching and learning experience. Faculty and grad student respondents identified a need for more assistance to ensure students have the best possible learning experience.
  • Service communications and awareness. Respondents identified a need for more simplicity, clarity, and transparency in communications, as well as more awareness of the IT services available to the community.

If you’re a member of the IT community at Stanford, we encourage you to dive deeper into these areas and identify ways to take action to improve. Our goal remains: to provide the best possible technology experience in support of Stanford’s research, academic, and healthcare mission.

More feedback welcome

If you have comments, suggestions, ideas, or thoughts about the 2022 survey, please send us those through this form, and a member of the survey project team will get back to you.