One-Stop App Streamlines the Device Compliance and Registration Process

In response to your feedback in our 2022 IT Client Satisfaction Survey, we have taken a client experience approach to modernize and streamline device enrollment and compliance at Stanford University.

We’re excited to introduce the new Stanford Device Registration app, a refreshed and simplified experience. With user-friendly features and an enhanced interface, the tool will improve the way we facilitate

  • setting up new devices,
  • and bringing existing devices back into compliance.

Look for the new tool to roll out in early summer 2023. When it does, some of the apps we currently use — Stanford Whole Disk Encryption (SWDE), Device Enrollment, and Stanford Network Registration Tool (SNRT)— will be retired. Very Lightweight Reporting Engine (VLRE) will continue to exist as an option while using Stanford Device Registration.

Modern interface, intuitive design

Image showing the app interface

The Stanford Device Registration app considers university requirements, affiliation, and device status to lead the client through an experience that aims to reduce cognitive load.

What’s more, upon opening the app, you’ll notice:

  • An intuitive design that enables tasks to be accomplished with the fewest steps possible.
  • A clear, modern interface that aligns with Stanford’s visual identity.

Journey to improved client experience

University IT’s Endpoint Engineering and Development (EED) team partnered with Stanford Web Services (SWS) to help reimagine the tools and processes around device compliance by conducting user research with distributed teams. Their findings offered critical insight into the existing pain points and obstacles that students, faculty, and staff frequently encounter when bringing devices to compliance.

The client data and intelligence gathered by SWS helped us design a process based on a person’s affiliation and the type of data they access. The result is improved compliance calculation that ensures each person gets the right amount of protection by completing the fewest steps possible.

Students especially will benefit from the app’s ability to clarify and simplify the process to facilitate device compliance and registration.

“I'm hoping students will benefit from this new application experience the most. Our research and feedback have shown that they're spending more time than is necessary to get onto the Stanford network and, in some instances, installing more than required,” explained Jeff Barkow, UIT’s associate director of Endpoint Engineering and Development.

Next steps

  • More details will be shared as we get closer to the release date. However, it’s recommended that IT support teams consider taking the following actions: Begin reviewing any department or client-specific information and look for links or text that may need to be updated.
  • Take inventory of any SWDE, VLRE, and Device Enrollment installers you may have saved to an external drive or file share.
  • Spread awareness across your team ahead of the transition.

Should you have a question, please submit a Help request.

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