Asset and Facilities Management Technology Council (AFMTC)

The Asset and Facilities Management Technology Council (AFMTC) supports best in-class stewardship of physical infrastructure and facilities through executive oversight of Stanford’s asset and facilities management IT systems.

The council oversees the project portfolio and roadmap for enterprise technology systems and services supporting asset and facilities management. Members work closely with key stakeholders and constituencies to ensure alignment with Stanford’s Long Range Vision and overall strategic direction.

Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of the council are grouped into three areas.

Executive strategic and budgetary oversight

  • Set strategic direction and priorities for asset and facilities management enterprise IT decisions
  • Align with the location intelligence roadmap 
  • Oversee steering committees and project portfolio (e.g., Oracle EAM, etc)
  • Define multi-year roadmap including budget recommendations and funding strategies


  • Advocate for data driven maintenance strategies
  • Advocate for the projects of distributed units
  • Advocate for necessary resource allocations 

Endorsement of shared solutions and best practices

  • Lead asset and facilities management IT collaboration efforts across campus
  • Establish standardized business processes and workflows


  • Michael Fox, Chair, LBRE
  • Swati Prabhu, Staff to the Council, LBRE
  • Jack Cleary, LBRE Main Campus executive stakeholder 
  • Laura Dimario, LBRE SRWC executive stakeholder 
  • Sam Steinhardt, UIT executive stakeholder
  • Niraj Dangoria, SOM executive stakeholder
  • Mary Dougherty, EH&S executive stakeholder 
  • TBD, R&DE executive stakeholder
  • TBD, DAPER executive stakeholder
  • Eric Haun, SLAC executive stakeholder
  • TBD, GSB 
  • Ganesh Karakala, UIT Enterprise Technology technical owner 
  • Andrea Perez, Financials


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