Stanford’s enterprise technology landscape is expansive and interdependent. The Technology Councils work closely with key stakeholders and constituencies across the university to ensure alignment with Stanford’s Long Range Vision and overall strategic direction.

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Student and Academic Technology Council (SATC)

The SATC maintains executive oversight of student and academic IT systems to support a best in-class teaching and learning experience for faculty, students, instructors, and academic advisors.

Human Resources Technology Council (HRTC)

The HRTC supports a best in-class employee experience — from recruitment through all stages of the employee  life cycle — through executive oversight of Stanford’s human resources IT systems.

Alumni and Development (ADAPT) Technology Council

ADAPT governance groups collectively function as a technology council for the Office of Development and Stanford Alumni Association, ensuring that technology decisions both inform and are informed by a broader university lens, while also ensuring campaign readiness, delivering on promises to alumni and donors, and continuing to mitigate business risks associated with PostGrads until we decommission it.

Asset and Facilities Management Technology Council (AFMTC)

The AFMTC supports best in-class stewardship of physical infrastructure and facilities through executive oversight of Stanford’s asset and facilities management IT systems.

Pinnacle Executive Steering Committee

The Pinnacle Executive Steering Committee includes leadership from across the university to ensure all perspectives are included in decision-making.