Sunsetting AFS

Proposed By
Jon Pilat, Michael Tran Duff, Larry Dillard
2:45–3:30 p.m.
Paul Berg Hall
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AFS is one of the oldest running systems by central IT. Many of the functions are replicated in new cloud solutions. Care must be taken to collect all the remaining use cases so that solutions can be identified.

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Comments by Attendees:

  • A lot of the faculty use is course support
  • How do we identify the right ownership?
  • Do we want to turn off AFS? If we do what is the replacement?
  • Course support is a concern and home directories.
  • We need to be addressing the hardest one first and not wait towards the end to start
  • Security – There are service integrations.
  • Rent control
  • How is it UIT became more dependent over AFS over time?
  • Sunset Date - Doing this in the middle of the academic year is not the best time.
  • How can we make the June 2022 date?
  • More interested in the web-scripts. What are the solutions going to be? Python apps for teaching amongst other things.
  • What are the set of needs for CGI. What are the possible landscapes for solutions?
  • AFS centrally funded by Stanford. Where is the money going if retiring AFS? How much is AFS costing the university as whole right now?
  • AFS in centrally provided/funded and is free. Will it be free going forward and if not who will be delivering the message?
  • This is valuable to undergraduates
  • When it happens, by the 2022 date, what do we take from your groups? We need your input.