POC-IT Program Leads

The Stanford POC-IT lead role is designed to be a rotational assignment that enables members of our community to practice and develop their leadership skills as a fixed-term growth opportunity. The program lead oversees the work of the Planning Committees and is the liaison between the Planning Committees and Advisory Group.

Program Lead Role Description


Geroge Dias

George Dias (He/Him)
IT Business Analyst, UIT

Manuel Gome

Manuel Gomez
Clinical Systems Analyst, Stanford Health Care


Walt Ashe

Walt Ashe
Associate Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, GSB

Maria Inciong

Maria Inciong
Director, Technology Solutions Alignment, UIT


Lily Lee

Lily Lee, 2021-2022
Senior Program Manager, H&S Dean's Office

Nora Cata

Nora Cata, 2021-2022
Growth Marketing Specialist, SoE


Rodney Carter

Rodney Carter, 2019-2021
Computer Systems Analyst, University IT