Upcoming Changes to Stanford’s Login Experience

new Duo screen
The prompts for two-step authentication are changing, but the functionality will remain much the same.

A slightly modified user experience for Stanford’s web login and two-step authentication is rolling out soon. Please share the news to help ensure your populations are ready for the change.

For all users: Updated prompts for two-step authentication

  • All users will see an updated Universal Duo prompt to verify two-step authentication. Instead of showing the Duo prompt within a page hosted by the application [login.stanford.edu], the link will now redirect to a page hosted by Duo at [duosecurity.com] to show the Duo prompt and then redirect back to the protected application after users complete the two-factor authentication.
  • Once they have authenticated, users may see a screen asking if they want to “Trust this browser?” This replaces the familiar “Remember me for 90 days” prompt.
  • Although the user interface will appear slightly different, the functionality and flow will remain much the same.

For Cardinal Key users: Changes to the process

  • Cardinal Key users will no longer need to go to accounts.stanford.edu to enable Cardinal Key in their browser, as they do today.
  • After the update, it should no longer be necessary to perform troubleshooting related to the Cardinal Key cookie.

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If you have questions or feedback, please reach out via Slack in #saml.

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