Stanford Women in Technology (Stanford WIT)

Stanford Women in Technology (Stanford WIT) is a community of women, non-binary people, and allies with a mission to advance representation, engagement, and support for women in technology roles at Stanford.

Through networking, workshops, mentoring, and more, Stanford WIT helps foster a supportive, productive, and inclusive work environment where all people feel valued and respected.

This program is part of Stanford IDEAL IT, which provides innovative approaches for increasing diversity, inclusion, equity, and access across Stanford IT.

WIT Strategic ObjectivesFocus Areas

To advance our mission, we focus on these objectives:

    Connection and Engagement

    • Create in-person and online opportunities for WIT community members to connect, network, and grow relationships
    • Encourage community engagement through ongoing dialogue and active participation in events and activities
    • Seek opportunities to grow our community by raising awareness of events and information, and inviting new members to join

    Data Analysis

    • Partner with university groups to gather and perform objective analysis of available data to better understand the representation of women in technology roles at Stanford
    • Perform ongoing data collection and analysis to inform Stanford WIT strategic pursuits, programming, and new opportunities

    Education and Training

    • Provide education and training in the form of workshops, small group discussions, and resources that address the fundamental challenges the WIT community faces

    Marketing & Promotion

    • Build brand awareness of and increase participation in Stanford Women in Technology across Stanford University, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford Health Care. 

    Service and Outreach

    • Build and empower the next generation of women in technology
    • Grow and diversify the talent pipeline at Stanford through targeted outreach and recruiting best practices

    Get Involved

    We meet quarterly to network, learn, and be inspired by guest speakers and programming focused on topics relevant to women in technology. We also host a variety of trainings, workshops, and group discussions that offer opportunities to connect in smaller settings. View our meeting and event calendar »

    Join our mailing list and our Slack workspace to stay informed about the latest events and opportunities.

    Who Should Participate?

    While primarily aimed at university, SLAC, and Stanford Medicine staff who work or have an interest in technology, we also welcome Stanford faculty and students who are interested in participating.

    Are you Stanford Alumni?

    Then you may be looking for our sister group, Stanford WIT, which is a community that supports and connects Stanford women working in different fields of technology: social media, software, IT, Internet, consumer goods, telecomm, clean tech, biotech, gaming, entrepreneurship, non-profit and more. The group provides a way for Stanford alumni to get advice, pursue career opportunities, recruit great talent, share knowledge, and network with each other.

    To join this group, please visit the Stanford WIT site for alumni.