Stanford University is home to the most dynamic, innovative, and collaborative IT community in Silicon Valley and across higher education. Our shared purpose is to attract and develop the top IT talent by providing an extraordinary work environment that celebrates the diversity of background, thought, and experience of our people. We deliver human-centric information and support services that power Stanford’s unparalleled learning, research, and healthcare mission.

These 10 vision statements were identified by the CIO Council to collectively advance and align the university’s technology capabilities. The IT Community will progress toward these through individual IT efforts, combined with various programs, initiatives, and activities led by the CIO Council and its workgroups.


Stanford provides equitable and frictionless access to world-class, high-performance computing, analysis tools, data management, storage, and consulting support services throughout the research lifecycle. View related IT efforts for the research strategic goal


Stanford provides the infrastructure, tools, and support services to best leverage research, academic, and administrative data as strategic assets. View related IT efforts for the data strategic area

Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience

Stanford students experience a seamless digital academic journey from application to graduation through Stanford’s provision of meaningful support services and the effective use of innovative technology solutions. View related IT efforts for the teaching, learning, and student experience strategic area

Communication, Collaboration, and Content Management

Stanford collaborates across a secure and seamless environment that cohesively integrates data, documents, voice, video, and other communications from anywhere on any device. View related IT efforts for the communication, collaboration, and content management strategic area

Technology Infrastructure

Stanford’s technical infrastructure and accompanying support services are efficient, resilient, platform agnostic, and flexibly scalable for future needs both on premise and in the cloud. View related IT efforts for the technology infrastructure strategic area

Business Systems and Operations

Stanford’s systems work seamlessly, efficiently, and securely; provide an exceptional user experience; and are continually adaptive in support of the university’s evolving business needs. View related IT efforts for the business systems and operations strategic area

Information Security and Privacy

Stanford champions the transparent, innovative, and ethical use of personal data, and protects its information assets commensurate with associated risks by balancing security and regulatory requirements with usability, privacy, and business needs. View related IT efforts for the Information Security and Privacy strategic area

University Workplace and IT Community

Stanford’s vibrant culture of collaboration and continuous learning attracts and retains top talent by creating a safe and inclusive environment that values diversity and fosters respect; invests in personal growth and career development; connects meaningful work with the university’s mission; and embraces the evolving ways work is accomplished. View related IT efforts for the university workplace and IT community strategic area

Technology Governance

Stanford’s IT governance structure provides executive oversight, oversees strategic direction, and facilitates meaningful stakeholder engagement to maximize overall effectiveness of IT investments while coordinating the priorities of the entire Stanford community. View related IT efforts for the technology governance strategic area

Alumni and Development

Stanford provides the best alumni and donor experience for constituent engagement, providing highly relevant content, with a modern and personalized experience. View related IT efforts for the alumni and development strategic area