Sponsors, Partners, and Teams

The Neurodiversity in IT program depends on many people and organizations both on and off campus. Below are the sponsors, partners, and teams that help make this program a success.

Executive Sponsors Leadership Team  Partners Team Members
Ganesh Karkala
AVP, University IT Enterprise Technology
Michael A. Fox
CIO, Land, Buildings, and Real Estate
Anne Pinkowski
Neurodiversity in IT Program Lead
Jonathon K. Lee
Neurodiversity in IT Program Lead
Dani Aivazian
IDEAL IT Program Lead
Charu Bhatia
Director of Human Resources for Business Affairs

This IDEAL IT Program partners with both Zavikon and Neurodiversity Pathways a Goodwill of Silicon Valley program. 

We are sponsored by the CIO Council and we have also partnered with University Human Resources.

University Human Resources

Danielle Hilmes
Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition

Neurodiversity Pathways is our partner for coaching, workplace readiness sessions and recruitment.

Ranga Jayaraman 
Director, Neurodiversity Pathways

is an additional recruitment partner.

Rebecca Beam 
Founder & CEO, Zavikon
Hilary Kokenda 
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Zavikon
Tiana Ferreira
Project Coordinator
Lucrecia Kim-Boswell
Srinivas Mikkilineni
Bhavana Tirukovalluri
Angelo Celeri
Task Team Member
Maria Gregorio
Task Team Member
Vacilis Kollias
Task Team Member
Kevin Tully
Task Team Member
Giselle Hernandez
Task Team Member