Neurodiversity in IT Intern Program through Zavikon

About Neurodiversity in IT

Zavikon Neurodiversity Internships are offered through the university’s Neurodiversity in IT program. Neurodiversity in IT is administered through IDEAL IT and attracts, recruits, and supports neurodiverse employees in the IT Community, while also increasing awareness and understanding about neurodiversity in the workplace. IDEAL IT provides innovative approaches for increasing diversity, inclusion, equity, and access across Stanford IT and beyond. Since 2019, seven Neurodiversity in IT candidates have been hired as Stanford employees.

About Zavikon

Zavikon is an employment agency pioneering the way for companies to incorporate neurodiversity and disability hiring into their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts. 
Zavikon works with individuals throughout California who identify as neurodiverse to help change the inequitable unemployment and underemployment outcomes for individuals who are uniquely abled and underserved. Zavikon places neurodivergent candidates in career-focused roles and provides support and education to the candidate and employer via services such as recruitment, workplace readiness, coaching, job accommodation identification, and advocacy. Through their focus on neurodiverse recruitment and retention, Zavikon helps create more inclusive work environments in which we as a community can recognize the unique strengths and talents that neurodivergent individuals can bring to the workplace to ensure successful outcomes for employees and employers.

  • Individuals with disabilities are twice as likely to be unemployed as those without disabilities.
  • They comprise a vast untapped talent pool.
  • Businesses that actively seek to hire individuals with disabilities and those who are neurodivergent perform better than businesses that do not.
  • Disability unemployment is a social and economic issue.
    • The Gross domestic product (GDP) could get a boost of up to $25 billion if just 1% more of individuals with disabilities join the workforce.

Zavikon received a generous grant from the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to fund the Zavikon Supported Placement (ZSP) program, which subsidizes placement and support costs and enables Zavikon to extend its reach to a broader range of employers, departments, and job roles.

Program Cycle

Internship duration is up to 1040 hours over a year which translates to 6 months if full time. 


$3,500 per intern for entire program support and administrative costs
*Interns are paid an appropriate wage for the job duties assigned via a California grant, administered by California Regional Centers and Zavikon.

Recruit, Assess & Match

Zavikon recruits talent through a large network of community partners, performs a thorough assessment of passion and skills, and identifies required accommodations for job success. Candidates are then matched based on hiring needs and environment readiness.

  • Career Specialties: Accounting, Creative Development, Customer Service, Data Analysis, IT (various), Office Administration, Writing, and more. 

Place, Educate & Support

Once Zavikon has placed the candidate, they educate the management and co-workers about the employee and continue support for both the employee and employer through career coaching services to help ensure a happy and successful employment relationship.

Stanford IDEAL Neurodiversity in IT Support

The Stanford Neurodiversity in IT team will assist with the following:

  • Work with the hiring manager and Zavikon to identify candidates that meet the needs of your team
  • Assist in facilitating agreement with Zavikon
  • Educate managers and team members on best practices around working with a Neurodivergent employee
  • Match candidates with mentors from Stanford to assist in the success of each placement journey
  • Ongoing support as needed to managers 

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