Neurodiversity in IT

The Neurodiversity in IT program advances and promotes the university’s commitment to workforce innovation and broad diversity and inclusion, specifically related to neurodiversity.

University IT (UIT) was the first organization at Stanford to pilot this program. The program is a partnership between University IT, University Human Resources, the Stanford Neurodiversity Project (a special initiative of the Stanford Department of Psychiatry), and Neurodiversity Pathways at Goodwill of Silicon Valley.

Goals and deliverables

The goal of the Neurodiversity in IT program is to switch the focus from disability to ability, recruiting graduates of Neurodiversity Pathways’ Workplace Readiness Program for roles within the Stanford IT Community.  Through this same partnership with Neurodiversity Pathways, we educate our staff to equip them with the mindset, knowledge, and support needed to achieve an inclusive and thriving neurodiverse workplace.

The program will help establish a framework for the larger Neurodiversity at Stanford program to scale broadly and hopefully expand to be one of the Stanford-wide talent recruitment programs.

Key deliverables include:

  • Pilot Prep (Task Team/UHR work)
    • July to September 2018
  • Strengthen Partnerships (Task Team / UHR / Neurodiversity Project)
    • July 2019 to June 2020
  • Pilot Begins + Website Launched
    • September 2018 to September 2020
      Kickoff Workshop 9/5/18 through Sep 2020
  • Education and Awareness Building Staff Brown Bag Sessions + Intelligent Lives Screenings
    • November 2018 to September 2019
      2 sessions per month (alternating sites)
  • Manager Mini-Workshops
    • June 2019 to November 2019
  • Content Development (Tips Sheets, Website Properties, etc.)
    • September 2018 to September 2019
  • Birds of a Feather Meetings
    • August 2019 to June 2020
      Planned to start with 3rd hire


If you have questions or need support with any aspect of the Neurodiversity in IT program, please contact Program Lead Anne Pinkowski at