Stanford Women in Technology (Stanford WIT)

Stanford Women in Technology (Stanford WIT) is a university-wide program that advances gender representation, engagement, and support. Through networking, workshops, mentoring, and more, the group helps foster a supportive, productive, and inclusive work environment where all people feel valued and respected.

While primarily aimed at university, SLAC, and Stanford Medicine staff who work or have an interest in technology roles, the community also welcomes faculty and students who are interested in participating.

Goals and deliverables

Stanford WIT aims to increase representation of women in technical roles and in the talent and leadership pipeline at Stanford. It also aims to equip participants with the skills and competencies needed to ensure they are prepared for their next roles.

Key deliverables include:

  • Establish program framework, including advisory structure.

  • Launch monthly meetings with programming developed by a planning team that includes representatives from across Stanford IT. Topics and programming may include:

    • Guest speakers
    • Training and learning opportunities
    • Case studies
    • Collaborative problem-solving workshops
    • Career advancement and pathing exercises
    • Mentoring
    • Networking
  • Provide training and resources that assist in reducing bias and increasing inclusion in the IT community. 

  • “Move the needle” on gender representation, engagement, and support for women in technology across Stanford, beginning with benchmarking, data collection, and analytics to establish baseline metrics.