2021 Strategic Initiatives

The Stanford CIO Council sponsors an agreed upon set of university strategic initiatives. Initiatives are chaired or co-chaired by full members of the CIO Council and are summarized in a standardized template. Current initiatives include:

CIO Initiatives include file storage security, Campus IT Plan, IDEAL IT, Enterprise IT Governance, Stanford Mobile, and Storage Strategy

File Storage Security

The vision for this initiative is to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data across all major university file storage systems by proactively identifying and remediating unduly exposed files, implementing automated protection mechanisms, and archiving unneeded data.

Campus IT Plan

The CIO Council sponsored the development of the first Campus IT Plan in 2018 and the second iteration of the plan, which was completed in April 2019. The plan provides a collective view of the technology improvement efforts currently in progress to support the Stanford community. It includes individual technology plans of Stanford’s seven schools, SLAC, and the major academic and administrative support organizations. The individual plans align to a set of common strategic areas identified by key university stakeholders.


IDEAL IT promotes and advances the Stanford Presidential IDEAL initiative within the IT Community at Stanford. IDEAL stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in a Learning Community, and is a cornerstone of Stanford’s diversity initiatives.

Enterprise IT Governance

The goal of this project is to develop an integrated, common framework of executive oversight, budgetary, strategic, operational, steering, and advisory IT governance groups that maximizes overall effectiveness.

Stanford Mobile

Sponsored by the CIO Council, the Stanford Mobile initiative is a joint effort across distributed units to improve the university’s official mobile application. The initial focus of the project is to enhance the mobile experience for the Stanford community through improved functionality and user-focused features and designs.

UIT launched the refreshed Stanford Mobile in fall 2019 and will continuously release iterations throughout 2021.

Storage Strategy

The Storage Strategy initiative is a three year effort, begun in fall 2020, to find ways to concentrate Stanford's IT resources to provision a finite set of storage solutions that meet the enterprise's diverse needs, while balancing for usability, interoperability, cost-efficiency, and value.