Strategic Goals

These 10 strategic goals were identified by the CIO Council to collectively advance and align the university’s technology capabilities. The IT Community will progress toward those goals through individual IT efforts, combined with various initiatives and activities led by the CIO Council and its workgroups.


Augment, connect and evolve Stanford’s research IT capabilities into a coordinated suite of world-class services that support research and interdisciplinary collaboration and reduce administrative burden. Flexibly adapt to rapidly evolving technologies and research methods in ways that recognize the unique needs of different domains. Ensure researchers are aware of the local and central services available to them and are able to leverage them easily as needed. View related IT efforts for the research strategic goal


Elevate Stanford’s capacity to manage and leverage institutional, research and clinical data as strategic assets. Develop tools, infrastructure and best practices to make data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable, in order to enhance university operations, decision-making, research and clinical practice. View related IT efforts for the data strategic goal

Student Experience

Transform the student experience to one that is seamless and meaningful, by providing students, instructors, advisors and staff access to the data and tools they need to support students throughout their time at Stanford — both inside and out of the classroom. View related IT efforts for the student experience strategic goal

Teaching and Learning

Provide technology online and in learning spaces to enhance teaching and learning for Stanford’s undergraduate, graduate, professional and lifelong learners. Support the adoption of emerging tools for education while improving the end user experience. View related IT efforts for the teaching and learning strategic goal

Communication, Collaboration and Content Management

Deliver universal, secure solutions for communication and collaboration that support remote and distributed work. Provide a seamless, collaborative user experience for data, voice and video communications for any user on any device. Invest and evolve infrastructure and services to support website content delivery as a primary channel of communication for teaching, learning, research and administration. View related IT efforts for the communication collaboration and content management strategic goal

Infrastructure and Interoperability

Provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and consulting to support seamless integration and composition of services that can flexibly adapt to evolving needs, so that users across the university can experience practical, meaningful and valuable interactions with Stanford’s information systems. View related IT efforts for the infrastructure and interoperability strategic goal

Business Operations and Applications

Deliver business applications that meet stakeholder needs along with Stanford’s security and data governance requirements. Architect business applications and systems so they scale to meet enterprise-wide needs, interoperate with one another, and flexibly adapt to support the university’s evolving business needs. View related IT efforts for the business operations and applications strategic goal

Information Privacy and Security

Protect the information assets that are important to Stanford, commensurate with the associated risks, balancing security with usability, personal privacy and business needs. View related IT efforts for the information privacy and security strategic goal

IT Workforce

Nurture a diverse and inclusive IT Community that delivers quality services and solutions while encouraging innovation, collaboration and lifetime learning. Become the employer of choice for top talent by implementing development and retention programs that reflect and align with Stanford’s world-changing mission and culture. View related IT efforts for the IT workforce strategic goal

IT Governance

Strengthen and streamline IT governance groups and processes to ensure that IT policies, programs and investments consistently align with the university’s research, teaching, learning and health care missions. View related IT efforts for the IT governance strategic goal