2020 Sponsored Projects

The CIO Council establishes and provides oversight to sponsored projects and focused CIO Council Working Groups, which:

  • Are formed around agreed-upon key issues facing the university community
  • Are chaired or co-chaired by full members of the CIO Council
  • Have a clear charge and deliverables
  • May include staff and/or faculty from across the university
  • Use a common template to communicate objectives, scope, deliverables

The 2020 sponsored project and associated working group is listed below.

Stanford IT Experiential Development Program (IT EDP)

Purpose: The goal of the Stanford IT Experiential Development Program (EDP) is to broaden skills and expertise within and across Stanford IT, potentially increasing collaboration, as well as supporting staff growth, mobility, and retention for all staff in the IT Community at Stanford.

Chairs: Kurt Howerton (SOE), Paul Robles (R&DE)

Team: Dani Aivazian, Charu Bhatia, Enzo Carrone, Rachel Manongdo, Beth McCullough, Palle Nielsen, Jon Pilat, Swati Prabhu, John Reuling, Nancy Ware, Todd Wheeler; Jasper Haze Soliz