2021 Sponsored Projects

The CIO Council establishes and provides oversight to sponsored projects. The 2021 sponsored projects are listed below.

Virtual Conference and Events Discovery Project

A discovery project sponsored by the CIO Council and funded by the Systems Governance Group led to the creation of a Virtual Conference and Events Resource Guide to help the Stanford Community make informed decisions about virtual conference and events solutions. 

Explore the Virtual Conferencing and Event Guide, which was published in March 2021.

Learn more about the discovery project approach that resulted in this guide. Share feedback with us through this form.

Stanford IT Experiential Development Program (IT EDP)

The goal of the Stanford IT Experiential Development Program (EDP) is to broaden skills and expertise within and across Stanford IT, potentially increasing collaboration, as well as supporting staff growth, mobility, and retention for all staff in the IT Community at Stanford. The program was officially launched to the IT Community in February 2021.

Browse the IT EDP webpage to learn more and explore the opportunity directory.

Program Team

Program Chairs: Kurt Howerton (SOE), Paul Robles (R&DE)

Team members: Dani Aivazian, Charu Bhatia, Enzo Carrone, Rachel Manongdo, Beth McCullough, Palle Nielsen, Jon Pilat, Swati Prabhu, John Reuling, Nancy Ware, Todd Wheeler; Jasper Haze Soliz